Ladies Match Reports

Sunday 13 November


Ardrossan Accies Women’s Squad travelled to Perth RFC for their fourth NDL this season.

The morning kicked off with some defensive work followed by tackling drills and then a friendly game against St Andrews, which Ardrossan won.

After a break for lunch, the ladies went on to play in the tournament. Vice Captain Shelley Main stepped up as Captain for the matches and did a cracking job of keeping the girls on track and motivated.  With no sub players this time, the girls steeled themselves for 4 tough games against Abertay, Liberton, St Andrews and Kelso. First game for Accies player Nicole Mcnamara who got stuck in, gave it her all and is now hooked! Well done Nicole!

Although no wins this time, improvements were noted. Particularly in defence which was much more structured – holding the flat line and communicating while doing so.  Tackling has improved massively with our girls hitting lower, harder and getting back into play more quickly.

Congratulations to Shelagh Milligan who was awarded player of the match for her outstanding tackling display!

Finally, a few shout outs; to Jason Maxwell who kindly offered to drive the bus, to the players at the NDL who assisted when Riza McGlone suffered an injury, to the speedy ambulance crew who arrived and kept Riza’s ‘lucky sock’ for her, a special thank you to Aisling  Finnigan,  Laura Woods and Jennifer Ralston who travelled back and forth from Ayrshire to Dundee to visit Riza and last but not least – a huge thank you to all the staff at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, who did a grand job of looking after Riza and sharing their own rugby stories!

Sunday 2nd October 2016
NDL 2, Ardrossan

Over 60 woman converged for the 2nd NDL on the calendar.

Ardrossan ladies Rugby team hosted the NDL on Sunday 2nd October on what turned out to be a glorious day at Memorial Field. 60 women from all over Scotland made up 6 teams including a fabulous turnout of 17 for our own ladies team.
The day started with training drills focusing on scrums for the forwards and handling drills for the backs. all players participating in whichever area they needed focus on. Lunch was the taken which included pulled pork rolls and salad all prepared for the ladies by some of the Ardrossan 1st 15 and also including crepes made by Innes Frazer.

After the ladies had their fill the games began….
First game of the afternoon saw Ardrossan Ladies take on Wigtownshire in a 10 min game which saw Ardrossan score 2 tries and go on to win the game 10-0. Our first try came from Terry Ann Bauld and was a nerve settler for the whole team. Our second try came from Fiona Walton who was playing in her first game and she scored spectacularly with the aid of some great team play and a great pass from Rhona to help her put the ball over the line.

As the second game approached for Ardrossan some players were feeling very nervous about playing I their first game and also playing on home turf but these nerves were unfounded as both Riza Sembiyeva McGlone and Marianne Costello both went on to have an outstanding game and thoroughly enjoying the whole afternoon. Our second game was against Kelso/Abertay and with a try for Ardrossan scored by Rachel Skimming after a pass from Marianne Costello and some spectacular tackles all round but especially from Janine Phillips. Other scores coming from Rhona Gordon and unfortunately we were unable to beat Kelso/Abertay and the end result was 17-10.

Next up saw us against Abertay and shoed some great play from Ardrossan holding the opposition in their own half for most of the game. this game saw some great tackles form Riza Sembiyeva McGlone and Fiona Walton and good use of the scrum training received in the morning drills. Abertay won 10-0.

We then came up against Libertine who went on to win the game. The game was full of very good play including scrums and some VERY hard tackles which resulted in an injury to Janine Phillips which saw her taken off as a precaution.

All in all the Ardrossan Ladies Team had an outstanding day showing a lot of progress and will be a team to watch!!
Thanks to everyone who came to support us and who helped out on the day.

Sunday 18th September 2016
NDL 1, Kelso

The ladies team travelled to Poynder Park in the Borders to take part in the first NDL meeting of the season. With the focus on tackling it was a spirited coaching day that kept the medics busy from the start; the morning’s session saw two Ardrossan players taking a back seat after injury. After lunch, provided by the welcoming Kelso supporters, it was game time and Ardrossan were joined by four players from Gala Vixens to make up the numbers. The first game was against the home side and our girls were caught out by an early attack up the left wing. The try was unconverted and after the restart, Lucy Anderson showed great ball-handling skills which were complemented by strong breaks from Gillian of the Vixens. Terry Bauld put in a thumping tackle and Shelagh Milligan followed her example to keep the score to 5-0. In the second half Kelso once more scored an early try, converting successfully this time. The restart was well caught by Gillian who broke a couple of tackles before going down, but not before she popped the ball back to Janine Phillips who made great ground before the ball was won back by Kelso. They scored another try in the last seconds of the game.

After short break to regroup, the Ardrossan and Gala girls came out to face Abertay. A daunting prospect: while the team are new they have some really experienced players on board and were hosting players from Murrayfield Wanderers on the day. But Ardrossan came out boldly – Gillian’s kick was chased down by Shelagh who stated her intentions with a great tackle. Abertay got the ball to their number 11 who pelted down our right wing, although speedy Fiona from the Vixens almost caught her. Abertay then had a crack at the other side and ended up with another couple of tries. Half time brought some wise words from Andy Duncan and a determination to keep an eye on the opposition 11 who was causing so much of the damage. Terry received the kick off neatly but the ball went on to be lost in the ruck and Abertay got in under the posts. They scored again after a messy restart that saw their kick off bounce over the dead ball line. But while most of their points were coming from the same player or two, Ardrossan and Gala were showing improvement across the whole pitch and moved into a promising phase of attack. Chantelle Dunbar caught a lovely kick off and Aisling Finnigan threw a terrifically-timed pass to Terry who made good use of it with a belting run up the middle of the pitch. She was able to get the ball out to Rachel Skimming – a good take but Rachel didn’t get the chance to use her speed before Abertay were upon her. The ball came back down the pitch and it was another try, with Abertay unlucky not to convert when the ball came off the post.

Although Ardrossan were disappointed not to return home with some points, all agreed that we’d learned a lot and that our second set of games showed a marked improvement in communication on the pitch and putting lessons from the training ground into practise. Thanks to Andy for his road skills and to Rosie for moral support.

For all the photo’s from the match go to Kelso NDL photos

Sunday 11th September

Queen of the 10’s Tournament

Our newly formed ladies team travelled to Morgan RFC in Dundee for their first games of the season at the Queen of the 10’s tournament. For many of our ladies this was their first experience in competitive rugby and while most were hyped up with excitement, nerves kicked in for others. Liz McAllister will vouch for that! Though some of our players from last season weren’t phased at all and even decided to apply their “game face” on the bus! (which was all fun and games until we hit a bumpy road surface – mascara disasters!)

The ladies first game of the tournament took place in the group stages against Liberton Ladies. The first half of this game showed to be the biggest hurdle for our girls (especially almost being a man down after finding our number 11 in the bushes reacquainting herself with breakfast due to nerves!) However, nerves calmed after the first tackles were made and our ladies settled into their first game. Liberton number 11 had a great try scoring opportunity until an outstanding run from Shelley Main prevented the try only inches away from the try line. A great effort was made by all girls but unfortunately the first game was a loss for Ardrossan. This was not an issue for the team as they finished the game full of excitement while being reading and raring to go for the next game!

Ardrossan then took to the pitch for their second game alongside Annan Warriors. Annan are a NAT 2 team whose experience showed in this game as they later went on to win the tournament. Despite a big loss, our girls continued to fight back full of enthusiasm and created an opportunity to run for a try… sadly this didn’t quite go to plan after Chantelle realised she was running towards the wrong try line! At least that helped bring some smiles back to the game!

Playing a team of this level helped our girls as they spent the game coming together and working as a team to improve their defence. The girls took this experience and used it to help them in their final game against Banff. Massive improvements were made in this game helping Rachel Skimming take Ardorssan’s first 2 tries of the tournament and later Shelley Main taking the 3rd try! None of which would’ve been possible without the exceptional teamwork from the girls in the rest of the team.

Excellent sportsmanship was demonstrated by Terry Bauld after a Banff player misjudged her distance from the try line. The referee appeared to be calling no try when Terry said to the ref to allow the try giving Banff extra points and taking the final score 20-17 to them.
Shelley Main was nominated Man of the Matches from her teammates for her incredible performance that continued through each game! Fantastic effort from Shelley!

Big thanks from the team to Andrew Duncan for driving a bus full of hyped up ladies all the way to Dundee and back which took at a lot longer than expected due to Shelagh Milligan constantly calling for the next toilet stop!

Our ladies absolutely loved their first games and are all very excited to take skills learned from the day into future games!

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