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Micros (4 yrs to 7 yrs, P1 – P3) – Sundays 12.30pm to 2.00pm (At the moment the micros are indoors at St Matthews and are due to go outdoors at the end of March.)

Minis (P4 – P7) – Wednesdays 6pm to 7.30pm/Sundays 12.30pm to 2.00pm

(NB: There is a £2 per player per week for the training sessions)

We now have a very strong and healthy mini section where children from as young as 4yrs old can come and begin their future rugby careers in a fun, friendly and open environment.

Since August of 2012, children in the pre mini rugby age range (7-11) have been able to enjoy an introduction to the great sport with highly active, rugby themed fun on Sundays from 12:30 – 2 pm.  We have had overwhelming success and we regularly have  30 children registered as young players of the club with an average of 20 children on any given Sunday.

All sessions are led by UKCC qualified coaches and assisted by either parents and/or former or current senior players.

For the smaller children, all activities are centred on running, stretching, basic core strengthening with ball handling skills and lots of  games. These are all taught in a fun, positive and light hearted spirit; the aim being to allow the children to enjoy themselves, burn off energy and develop as little sportsmen and women. There is no contact/collision rugby at all and registered players are covered by the club’s group insurance.

For the older children (P4-P7), the contact element to slowly introduced with a gradual progression from fun games involving wrestling, to using tackle pads and rings and finally body contact.  All our training sessions are delivered in a safe and controlled environment and with safety being paramount at all times.  However, the aim of all our sessions is to provide fun whilst also teaching the basics and fundamentals of the game.

If you haven’t already been down to investigate then please come along with your children and take a look. New players are always welcome and a trial costs nothing. The regular attendees pay £2 per session. The money goes towards snacks, indoor hall hire (from November to February) and the surplus cash goes towards subsidising kit for the kids. The coaches are all volunteers; there is no profit made by the club from Mini Rugby.

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