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This is where you will find details, updates and general information about the competitions and training sessions scheduled for all local primary and secondary schools.  This year there will be many festivals and tournaments arranged including the Ayrshire Conference Competition between participating secondary schools S1 – U18 age groups.

Arran U18 7s

Thursday 16th June was the day of the Arran 7s which for some is the last tournament for this year U18s but for many the start of their U18s career. The tournament which is now running for its 4th year hosted teams from Grange, Cumnock , Ardrossan, St Matthews Academies and the host Arran High School. It was a great turnout for Ardrossan and St Matthews Academies with an altogether squad of 21 boys. The weather was fairly dry with some outbreaks of rain the pitch condition was excellent to play on with superb rugby being played by all sides. The teams of Ardrossan and St Matthews being largely made up of new Club U18s showed excellent skill and resilience to compete with the larger more physical teams with the likes of Grange and Cumnock with victories over Arran and Grange being the highlights of the games. Congratulations to Cumnock Academy for being the overall winners of the day. But to conclude the day we had to have a game with Ardrossan v St Matthews 10 aside all out rugby was a great spectacle but the winners of the game were St Matthews. Everyone played with a smile on their face we certainly can’t wait for next years 7s!

Ardrossan and St Matthews Cluster Festivals

It was a busy week for the Accies with the rugby club hosting two P7 festivals for the Academy Clusters of Ardrossan and St Matthews. With a total of 8 primary Schools attending the two events which saw over 120 boys and 80 girls play, which for many would be their first contact games of rugby. Prior to the events each school had a 6 week contact programme delivered by our level 2 qualified coaches. With the events hosting Winton, Stanley, West Kilbride, St Luke’s, St Antony’s, St Winning’s, St Peter’s and Dykesmain’s Primary schools all participating. This meant there weren’t going to be any shortages of games or competition. With the weather over the two day period being on our side, it helped the kids show magnificent rugby being played by the boys and girls. It was also great to see excellent sportsmanship, respect and leadership from all involved showing that the kids not only demonstrated the rugby skills we have taught them throughout the contact programme but also the ethos which we regard so highly in our game. The overall winners of the two clusters were for the boys and girls for the Ardrossan cluster were West Kilbride Boys and Dykesmains Girls and for the St Matthews cluster saw a tie between St Luke’s and St Anthony’s boys and the overall winner for the girls were St Peters girls. Congratulations to the School winners, individual winners and everyone for taking part. A massive thanks to all the schools that allowed us in to deliver our programmes and we are already excited for what next year!

Auchenharvie Academy Cluster Primaries rugby

On Wednesday 30th March our Development team ran our 2nd Primary 7 Cluster event at Ardrossan RFC. This was off the back of rugby delivered too Ardeer, Hayocks, Caledonia and Mayfield Primaries. Unfortunately Mayfield and Ardeer were unable to attend the event which meant it was a two team festival with Hayocks and Caledonia. Due to only having the two schools with a boys and girls team from each we decided to give everyone some SCRUM practice. This was very well received with the kids loving trying one of rugby more technical aspects! As well as plenty of games the kids showed off all their skills they had been developing over a number of weeks practice at the Schools with our coaches. Hopefully we will see a number of the pupils along at the Club and playing for their respective academies next year!


Largs Academy Cluster Primaries Rugby

On Tuesday 29th March, Largs Academy Cluster Primary 7s took part in a Rugby Festival held at Largs Academy, where hopefully pupils will continue their School rugby after summer. The day was attended by Kelburn, Brisbane and Fairlie Primary Schools. Approximately 75 boys and girls took part in contact rugby showing off their running, passing and tackling skills which they had been taught over a 7 week period at School coached by modern apprentice Jordan and Club coaches Milan, Istok and Iason. The sun was shining and the pupils while showing off their new skills, they also demonstrated the rugby ethos which comes as part of coaching in terms of respect, sportsmanship and leadership towards teammates and opposition. A very well done to all the Schools, the staff and of course the pupils that took part. Hopefully we will see them progress to the clubs youth sections in the future!

Intro to the day!


Some action shots!





Group shot at the end!



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