Centenary Dinner

Centenary Dinner

The club is 100 years old next year and a centenary dinner will be held at the Seamill Hydro on Friday 29th April 2022 when hopfully there will be no covid restrictions. Please make a note of this date so as to avoid clashes like holidays, weddings and stag/hen parties!!!

The president is looking for ideas for other ways of celebrating the centenary, so if you have any ideas please contact Peter Gossman gossy09@yahoo.com or Dougie Tyler dougie_tyler@yahoo.co.uk.

Senior & 18s Team Challenge – Week 3

New week, new challenges and this time the boys are getting tested on more than just their ability to cover the distance. This week there were 3 challenges to be completed with the first being a bodyweight circuit, 2nd being a 5k run or 20k cycle and finally the boys got to practice the most important of field skill of a boat race.

The bodyweight circuit was to be completed for time with points awarded to the fastest individual times, fastest front row times and fastest overall team times. The circuit was made up of 5 sets of; 10x squats, 10x leg raises and 10x press ups. To keep the squad moving challenge two offered a bonus point for each player that completed a 5k run or a 20k cycle. Final challenge had the boys finishing a 330ml can as quickly as possible with each team submitting the video of their fastest player to the competition comittee.

This week finished with 14 Boys and a Buftie continuing to streak away in front however the battle for 2nd looks like a tight one that could continue for the whole competiton as Ardrossan Secret Service and Benson and the Chunky Bunch battle away.

Team Bodyweight Points

  • 14 Boys and a Buftie – 10 points
  • Ardrossan Secret Service – 8 points
  • Benson and the Chunky Bunch – 6 points
  • GG’s – 4 points

Individual Bodyweight Points

  • Ian Kerr (BatCB) – 2:07
  • Robert Hunter (GG’s) – 2:18
  • Nathan Welsh (ASS) – 2:35
  • Adam McCabe (14BaB) – 2:39
  • Ruairidh Anderson (GG’s) – 2:39

Front Row Bodyweight Points

  • Cameron Leibenguth (14BaB) – 2:46
  • Eben Cairns (ASS) – 3:11
  • Scott Campbell (BatCB) – 3:47

Team Bonus Points

  • 14 Boys and a Buftie – 12 points
  • Ardrossan Secret Service – 10 points
  • Benson and the Chunky Bunch – 9 points
  • GG’s – 5 points

Team Boat Race Points

  • Benson and the Chunky Bunch – 10 points
  • Ardrossan Secret Service – 8 points
  • 14 Boys and a Buftie – 6 points
  • GG’s – no entry

Senior & 18s Team Challenge – Week 2

As week 2 dawned the boys were greeted with their new set of challenges and the pace had changed slightly from week 1. This week we were looking for the team that could travel the furthest by walking, running, cycling, swimming or by any other means so long as it wasn’t motorised. We also asked the teams to sign up to #doddieAID and to start banging in the miles for Team Glasgow and the boys responded with the majority of the kms walked this week going into the #doddieAID pot.

Once again 14 boys and a buftie absolutely smashed this week taking the most miles covered, the top 3 individual prizes & the 2nd and 3rd placed front row prizes. Benson & the Chunky Bunch came 2nd with Ardrossan Secret Service and the GGs bringing up 3rd and 4th this week.

After an accounting error last week Benson and the Chunky Bunch & Ardrossan Secret Service swaped places before any points were dished out resulting in the points totals so far being:


Distances Covered

  • 14 boys and a Buftie – 780.96 Km
  • Ardrossan Secret Service – 709.48 Km
  • Benson and the Chunky Bunch – 684.71 Km
  • GG’s – 413.48 Km

Individual Leaderboard

  • Nathan Griffiths (14BaB) – 137 Km
  • Euan Thomson (14BaB) – 108 Km
  • Adam McCabe (14BaB) – 107 Km
  • Nathan Welsh (ASS) – 106.8 Km
  • James Reid (BatCB) – 105.1 Km

Front Row Leaderboard

  • Scott Campbell (BatCB) – 101.6 Km
  • Lachlan Graham (14BaB) – 60.6 Km
  • Cameron Leibenguth (14BaB) – 57 Km

Senior & 18s Team Challenge – Week 1

With rugby back on hold our seniors and 18s are taking part in a team challenge to help keep the boys together and the fitness ticking over. They are set a couple of challanges to complete each week with bonus points up for grabs for a variety of reasons as the week goes on. The teams are made up of a mix of senior and U18s players with each team captained by an U18 and supported by two vice captains from either the senior or U18s squads and they are:
14 Boys & a Buftie
  • Ben Rodgers (c)
  • Stuart Lamont (vc)
  • Euan Thomson (vc)
  • Andy Hales
  • Gareth Rees
  • Jamie Thomson
  • Matt O’Sullivan
  • Patrick McLaughlin
  • Adam McCabe
  • Lachlan Graham
  • Alex Montgomery
  • Lewis Morrison
  • Cameron Leibenguth
  • Nathan Griffiths
  • Lewis Pentleton

Ardrossan Secret Service

  • Eben Cairns (c)
  • Stuart Lewis (vc)
  • Craig Johnston (vc)
  • Bruce Hunter
  • Gordon Telfer
  • Kyle Wood
  • Nathan Welsh
  • Peter Gossman
  • Calum Houston
  • Lucas Stracey
  • Andrew Buchanan
  • Logan McCormack
  • Connor McCluskey
  • Rory Currie
  • Connor Small


  • Josh Gregory (c)
  • Ben Hamilton (vc)
  • Robert Hunter (vc)
  • Cameron Bonner
  • Harry MacDonald
  • Martin Gaetano
  • Ruairidh Anderson
  • Colin Cameron
  • Rhys Boston
  • Ethan To
  • Ben Langan
  • Gregor Crichton
  • Ryan Skimming
  • Connor McCann

Benson and the Chunky Bunch

  • James Reid (c)
  • Scott Campbell (vc)
  • Callum Bowie (vc)
  • Finlay Cairns
  • Ian Kerr
  • Martin Henry
  • Owen Phillips
  • Stuart McMaster
  • Daniel Baxter
  • Adam Monaghan
  • Jed Russell
  • Cameron Mackay
  • Logan Noonan
  • Callum McKechnie
This week, the teams were announced and the boys had two challenges to complete. The first was to achieve the fastest average time for their team over a 2km distance and the second was to come up with the best name for their team. Bonus points were up for grabs for individual fastest times and individual fastest front row times.
14 boys and buftie ran away with the 2k challange with an average time of 9:08. Euan Thomson picked up the individual fastest 2k with a time of 6:37 and Cameron Leibenguth won the fastest front rower challenge with a time of 7:56. Meanwhile, in the second challenge, Benson and the chunky bunch picked up the prize for the best team name.
After all the points were totalled the final week 1 standings were:
The team 2k times were:
14 Boys and a Buftie – 9:08
Ardrossan Secret Service – 9:18
Benson and the Chunky Bunch – 9:38
GG’s – 9:39
The fastest individual 2k times were:
Euan Thomson (14BaB) – 6:37
Bruce Hunter (ASS) – 6:51
Stuart Lewis (ASS) – 7:28
Connor McCann (GG’s) – 7:32
Gregor Crichton (GG’s) – 7:40
The fastest front row 2k times were:
Cameron Leibenguth (14BaB) – 7:56
Lachlan Graham (14BaB) – 9:20
Ben Hamilton (GG’s) – 9:47

Presidents Message 12th October 2020

Dear fellow Accies,

Well, that’s me nearly 18 months into my Presidency, not that I’m counting! It’s been quite challenging but I am enjoying the role and, along with the help of the other committee members and volunteers, strive to take the club forward and ensure it is sustainable.

The coronavirus pandemic has really put a spanner in the works but I hope that everyone remains well and healthy during this difficult time. Just when it seemed that things were improving, it would appear that this is the 2nd wave that we were dreading, has arrived. I really hope that this situation will resolve in the near future and an efficient vaccine can be produced, that will enable us to return to some sort of normality again.

With everything that’s going on, there have been some positives over the last few months.

We recently had the AGM. Although the attendance was not great, we were able to discuss a few points for the year ahead, which was worthwhile.

The youth section has been back training for the last 6 weeks and the ladies and senior sections have been back for the last 4 weeks, which is great. It’s brilliant to see rugby back on at the club, although there are still restrictions in place.

The ladies section has been running their RugbyFit programme since mid-September and there have been great numbers turning up, and hopefully the section will gain some new players from this. The enthusiasm of the coaching team has been fantastic, so well done to them.

I also have some good news on the senior men’s section. We welcome Mark Senter, our new coach. Mark has great experience, having coached at a number of clubs, including Whitecraigs and Falkirk, as well as being a part of the Scottish Rugby Glasgow and West FOSROC Academy coaching team. Mark has settled in very well and we are very hopeful that we will have the opportunity of putting the good work on the training field into games. Welcome Mark.

I was hoping that the season for all sections would start at the end of October, but unfortunately circumstances have meant that senior rugby at least has been delayed until January.

There have been a number of changes to the season ahead, with all sections playing in smaller regional leagues. As much as it is disappointing that the full season and league cannot go ahead, it is obviously understandable. To be honest, I’ll just be happy to see club rugby this season. We will keep you all updated via the website and social media, so look out for information on fixtures.


Unfortunately, the bar is now closed until October 25th at the earliest. All going well, we will open on Thursday 29th October, and we await to see what hours of opening will be permitted. I welcome all members down to the club. We are ensuring that we adhere to the guidance in place, so I would urge members to follow them too. I hope that we will be in a position to see you down soon.

One negative is that our income this year will be greatly reduced due to the lack of functions etc. I would ask that all members pay their membership, as these are now due. If you pay via standing order, then no action is required. For those who normally pay as a one off payment, I would greatly appreciate if this could be paid as soon as possible please. We are relying heavily on subscriptions this year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for their continued support. Despite the likely impact that coronavirus has had to businesses and the lack of rugby ahead for this season, our sponsors continue to back us and I am so grateful for their generosity.

Our floodlights are also now barely fit for purpose and we have a team working on upgrading them. This may be of significant cost to the club. We will endeavour to search for grants to aid in financing these, but we will also require the assistance of all members to help in fundraising efforts. All ideas are welcome and I’m sure the will and generosity of our members will enable us to raise the required amount. Having the option of floodlights is extremely beneficial to the club, ensuring training for all of our players can continue and allowing evening games to take place, which is my hope. If anyone has any ideas, please contact me on gossy09@yahoo.com .

As I have already said, please keep a look out on the website and social media for continued updates.

Please take care and I hope to see you all soon,


Peter Gossman

President AARFC

Annual General Meeting 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the club will take place on Thursday 20th August at 7pm

Any alteration to the constitution should be submitted to the secretary by July 30.

All those wishing to be office holders need to submit a nomination form by August 13.

Secretary, Financial controller, Playing convener, Youth convener, Communication and Marketing convener, Bar convener, House convener, Fixture and referees convener, Membership Secretary, Business convener, non-executive members (2)

All conveners should provide a report to the AGM. If possible this should be sent to the secretary in advance.

The following documents are available:


We are looking for a new Head Coach to lead our senior male section out of the Covid-19 lockdown and into National 2. Our 1st XV flirted with promotion in National 3 before the lockdown and as a Club we now seek the right candidate to develop our maturing talented squad. We do not yet know what the format for our rugby will be, but Ardrossan is an ambitious Club with a very good established junior section from Micros to Under 18s. Our Ladies and girls sections are growing and very active.
We have the structure and the players, we now need the right person to take us forward.
The ideal candidate would have:
· A recognised coaching qualification suitable to excel at this level
· Be prepared to give the commitment which is required to succeed.
· Leadership experience ideally gained from playing at a higher level.
Our Club is community based and views itself as a family, which encourages each individual and each team to enjoy the culture of rugby union and be the best person, player and team that they can be. Our broad base, which includes North Ayrshire and the Isle of Arran, is an attractive area in which to enjoy our sport, at whatever level you choose to participate.
We are seeking the right person and for the right person we have an attractive package to offer. We and you will know if we are the right fit.
If you are interested please send your CV along with a covering letter to gossy09@yahoo.com.
If you wish to discuss the role further please contact Peter Gossman on 07944403611.

Volunteer Role Descriptors

Youth Coach


We aim to deliver fun, engaging sessions to our youth section (Micros-U18s) and we need people to help. All you require is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn new skills and we will help you achieve the rest. All training will be provided via online courses and face to face coaching badges, a PVG is required and the club will arrange this.

Time Commitment:

Between 3hrs and 6hrs a week depending on whether there is a game or training at the weekend and if that game is home or away.


Caroline Monaghan – carolineconway2000@yahoo.com

Parent Helper


This is our behind the scenes team that help with the youth section. This is a varied role and can involve admin support for our teams or helping on a matchday to provide food after the game.

Time Commitment:

2hrs per game week


Caroline Monaghan – carolineconway2000@yahoo.com

Match Officials


We need a pool of referees for youth rugby with the potential for Senior games through the West of Scotland Referees Society. All training will be provided, and prior rugby knowledge is not essential.

Time Commitment:

2 hours per game week, flexible what games you take on


Scott Campbell – scttcampbell96@gmail.com


Match Day First Aiders


Ideally, we will always have 1 fully trained first aider at every game on top of our coaches. The role is mostly dealing with cuts, bruises and concussions however there may be the rare occasion that a more serious incident presents itself. No previous medical experience is required, and full training will be provided.

For people with prior medical experience there is the opportunity to support our senior match days by taking on the team doctor role. More information can be provided by our current team doctor, contact details below.

Time Commitment:

2 hours per game week, flexible what games you take on


Jamie Monaghan – jpmonaghan2001@hotmail.com


Social Media Admin


We are looking for volunteers to run our social media channels, plan and execute campaigns to help raise the profile of the club and work closely with all club sections to achieve club targets. Good team working skills will be essential to work with our existing communications, media and marketing team.

Time Commitment:

minimum of 1 hour a week but flexible to suit how much time you want to put into the role


Scott Campbell – scttcampbell96@gmail.com


Saturday Helper


Our senior game days wouldn’t work without a team of volunteers getting the club ready, setting up for the game and providing food after the game. The role can be as big or as small as you want and can take in any number of the following jobs:

  • Laying out pitches and roping them off
  • Selling Programmes
  • Linesman
  • Filming the match
  • Photographing the match
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Preparing after game food

Each role has its own aspects and can be discussed with Peter in further detail

Time Commitment:

flexible, minimum of 1 hour per game week


Peter Gossman – gossy09@yahoo.com


Event’s Organiser


We are looking for people to plan and run fundraising events for the club. These can be as wide and varied as you can imagine and all that we need is for you to be enthusiastic about the event. Support will be provided throughout planning and running by our existing events team.

Time Commitment:



Davie Mackie – davidmackie52@gmail.com


Business Development Manager


This is a specialised role, looking to help improve the club’s business performance. Initially focusing on accessing funding pots, securing sponsorship and coordinating fundraising events to ensure the club’s sustainability. Will work closely with the treasurer to monitor income and expenditure and feed this back to the committee along with recommendations. Will work towards club targets and will be managed by the club President

Time Commitment



Peter Gossman – gossy09@yahoo.com


Other Roles

If you have your own idea about how you can bring your expertiese and experience to bear then we want to hear from you. Contact Peter Gossman or Scott Campbell and they can discuss your suggestion with you further.

Peter Gossman – gossy09@yahoo.com

Scott Campbell – scttcampbell96@gmail.com