Wigtownshire Ladies v Accies Ladies, Sunday 20th August

Match report by Liz O’Flaherty/Shelagh Milligan

This second pre-season friendly saw Ardrossan Accies travel to Stranraer to play in what proved to be a fast paced, high scoring game. With several players out due to injury, Ardrossan travelled with no subs and subsequently had to place some players in new positions for the first time. It was also a first full game for Lisa Ledingham-Park, Justyna Pawelska, Cara Forbes and debut performances from Victoria Frater and Megan Syme.

When the teams last met at Memorial Field the Accies came out on top – this time the Ardrossan ladies were determined to maintain their dominance while Wigtownshire were keen to even the score. This was evident with some frantic play by both sides in the first 10 minutes of the game. Ardrossan Accies made significant ground from their 22 and after a loop with Shelley Main and Lucy Anderson, Main took a clear 40 metre run securing the Accies their first try.

Wigtownshire scored quickly in response. But the Accies weren’t to be rattled; a well timed pass from hooker Pawleska allowed winger Nicole Tulloch to score her first of three tries of the game and Stephanie Murray, debuting at 9, followed suit, also scoring a confidence boosting hat-trick for the Accies.

The game at times got hectic but the backs maintained their set up well topped off by some great attacking displays from Main and Tulloch. Nancy Polonis didn’t disappoint – some big hits helped win back possession after Wigtownshire scored their 6th try.

Solid form and raw power in the scrum saw the Accies winning possession against the feed on several occasions and some superb defence by Frater gave the team the advantage they needed.

The Accies were then 2 players down due to injury but the whole team pulled their socks up, putting knocks to the side and gave it their all for the last 20 minutes. Some great attacking from Forbes helped secure space for Charlotte Watters, who came into her own with strong running and some terrific fending, seeing the Accies score rise by another 2 tries.

Accies coach Brian Reid awarded Player of the match to Charlotte Watters and Wigtownshire gave the same accolade to Shelley Main for outstanding play.

FT Wigtownshire 34 Accies 49

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