Highland games organiser

Ardrossan Highland games organiser job description:

2 Weeks before games

1. Organise and collect chairs from unionist club Ardrossan and put in function hall
2. Organise and collect table from Adelaide college and put in function hall.
3. Organise tent erection and dismantelling for the Sunday .
4. Organise beer wine cider and spirit tokens
5. Organise staff rota
6. Organise entrance security.
On the day
7.00am -12.00pm
1.get enough green rubbish bins from council as they are distributed
Erect tent and surrounds
Put out tables and chairs
Collect van with drinks
Connect van to power source
Stock van with items from club(may be done on Saturday morning ). Wine , cans spirits, water lemonade, ice, plastic glasses, cloths, spirit optic holder, cleaning spray , bin bags ,
Set up bar ready to serve at 12.00pm
Set up cash desk
Put up notices and licence

12.00pm-5.30 pm
Ensure smooth running of bar and restocking as necessary, rubbish collection ,drink security , gate security .etc
5.30 pm-
Organise leftover drinks to cellar or leave van dependant on quantity.
Clean table and chairs and remove to clubhouse or van if empty
Dismantle tent etc
Remove all rubbish.
Return van to john Robertson and sons
Issue helpers with beer payment.
Following week
Restock all unsold drinks to Wallaces or stock
Return and pay Unionst club for tables , and Adelaide college for the table(CLEAN)


If interested contact Gordon Christie.

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