LADY OF THE MONTH: Shelagh Milligan


In my head I’m still 25 but unfortunately no one has told my metabolism this. I am not an exercise junkie and never have been. My idea of a good workout was running from South Beach train station to the Lauriston to catch last orders, triumphantly wheezing into a glass of Sauvignon Blanc whilst phoning a taxi to take me the 10 minute walk home. I am not motivated in the slightest by exercise classes, running for fun is just, well, it’s not! Anyway, I knew I had to start doing some sort of physical activity and decided that crashing into other people over an odd shaped ball might be quite good. I definitely fell into the unfit category but no one on the team minded at all and I started to improve (slowly) every single week. Nothing beats scoring your first try, or watching someone else score their first try or catching a high ball or the noise someone makes when you fool them with a dummy pass or kicking an egg shaped ball and it actually going where you want it to go. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you can bring someone down who is three times your size and nothing beats the feeling when you’re finally brave enough to try it! I have a confession – I go out running now. Not because I enjoy it (I still don’t) but because I want to be better at this incredible sport and my amazing team!

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