Centurion Club

ARDROSSAN ACADEMICALS R.F.C. ——- 100TH Anniversary 1922-2022




IN 2022 OUR Club will be 100 years old. It will be a remarkable achievement and testament to the resilience, durability and adaptability of those past and present that the Club is growing and flourishing at Memorial Field today.


When our Club was founded the country still had the Gold Standard, teams had only 15 players, women players were unheard of and there were no leagues and the game was played for fun. Some might still yearn for some of those features but we are in a world of virtual currency, teams can almost have as many subs as players and ladies rugby is on a great upward spring. I do not know what financial support clubs had then, but in recent times we have come to rely on financial assistance from the SRU. We could not have grown our tremendous youth/mini/micro and female sections without that support in the past. Now the SRU are resolved that clubs should be more sustainable (self-funding), so support from on high will be less available going forward.


We have a tremendous set of sponsors and a team actively trying to source more, but no longer does a sponsor see any funding as a “donation” they want something real for their money-visibility, social media numbers etc. and to bring more on board is a hard task.


Our social teams are fantastic and new events are being added all the time e.g.  In June we had the the Real Ale festival- we worked hard along with the Ardrossan Music Experience to bring bands in and we hope to continue this over the coming years.

This is increasing revenue through their hard work and enthusiasm and creates much needed income.


If the Club is to thrive into its next century we would like to put the Club on the most secure financial footing that we can. As you all know we have operated on an overdraft for some time and occasionally in the quieter parts of the year hit our ceiling. The reasons for the overdraft are historic although I understand that most clubs operate on one.  Using an overdraft costs the Club money in charges and interest. It also causes those involved in the finances of the Club stress and diverts their efforts which should be spent on more positive and productive pursuits on behalf of our Club. If we want to be competitive and flourish, to pull away from this financial anchor is essential.

SO  I  thought what if a number of supporters of the Club to mark this 100th anniversary were to consider coming together and clearing the overdraft! Brian seemed to like the idea and we have developed this together.



The proposal:-

A Centurion Club will be formed and to join each member will pay £1000. We would like as many members as possible to be a part of this and support the club to progress in a positive way. It will be possible to pay this sum by 10 monthly payments of £100.00, but it would be preferable for the full amount to be paid as a one off payment.


Each member of the Centurion Club will receive:-

  • 10 years free subscription as a full member of the Club
  • 2 tickets to the Centenary dinner
  • Invitations to all Club events including sponsors events.
  • Free travel (on a first come first served basis) to all First XV away matches.
  • Centurion Club tie, yet to be commissioned
  • Members’ names will be posted in the Clubhouse and on the Club website.


We hope each member of the Centurion Club will see real value from becoming a member; helping the Club to achieve a better financial position while at the same time receiving worthwhile benefits.

In short, this is a chance to play your part in securing the future of the club for generations to come.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Ian and Brian.



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