Senior & 18s Team Challenge – Week 1

With rugby back on hold our seniors and 18s are taking part in a team challenge to help keep the boys together and the fitness ticking over. They are set a couple of challanges to complete each week with bonus points up for grabs for a variety of reasons as the week goes on. The teams are made up of a mix of senior and U18s players with each team captained by an U18 and supported by two vice captains from either the senior or U18s squads and they are:
14 Boys & a Buftie
  • Ben Rodgers (c)
  • Stuart Lamont (vc)
  • Euan Thomson (vc)
  • Andy Hales
  • Gareth Rees
  • Jamie Thomson
  • Matt O’Sullivan
  • Patrick McLaughlin
  • Adam McCabe
  • Lachlan Graham
  • Alex Montgomery
  • Lewis Morrison
  • Cameron Leibenguth
  • Nathan Griffiths
  • Lewis Pentleton

Ardrossan Secret Service

  • Eben Cairns (c)
  • Stuart Lewis (vc)
  • Craig Johnston (vc)
  • Bruce Hunter
  • Gordon Telfer
  • Kyle Wood
  • Nathan Welsh
  • Peter Gossman
  • Calum Houston
  • Lucas Stracey
  • Andrew Buchanan
  • Logan McCormack
  • Connor McCluskey
  • Rory Currie
  • Connor Small


  • Josh Gregory (c)
  • Ben Hamilton (vc)
  • Robert Hunter (vc)
  • Cameron Bonner
  • Harry MacDonald
  • Martin Gaetano
  • Ruairidh Anderson
  • Colin Cameron
  • Rhys Boston
  • Ethan To
  • Ben Langan
  • Gregor Crichton
  • Ryan Skimming
  • Connor McCann

Benson and the Chunky Bunch

  • James Reid (c)
  • Scott Campbell (vc)
  • Callum Bowie (vc)
  • Finlay Cairns
  • Ian Kerr
  • Martin Henry
  • Owen Phillips
  • Stuart McMaster
  • Daniel Baxter
  • Adam Monaghan
  • Jed Russell
  • Cameron Mackay
  • Logan Noonan
  • Callum McKechnie
This week, the teams were announced and the boys had two challenges to complete. The first was to achieve the fastest average time for their team over a 2km distance and the second was to come up with the best name for their team. Bonus points were up for grabs for individual fastest times and individual fastest front row times.
14 boys and buftie ran away with the 2k challange with an average time of 9:08. Euan Thomson picked up the individual fastest 2k with a time of 6:37 and Cameron Leibenguth won the fastest front rower challenge with a time of 7:56. Meanwhile, in the second challenge, Benson and the chunky bunch picked up the prize for the best team name.
After all the points were totalled the final week 1 standings were:
The team 2k times were:
14 Boys and a Buftie – 9:08
Ardrossan Secret Service – 9:18
Benson and the Chunky Bunch – 9:38
GG’s – 9:39
The fastest individual 2k times were:
Euan Thomson (14BaB) – 6:37
Bruce Hunter (ASS) – 6:51
Stuart Lewis (ASS) – 7:28
Connor McCann (GG’s) – 7:32
Gregor Crichton (GG’s) – 7:40
The fastest front row 2k times were:
Cameron Leibenguth (14BaB) – 7:56
Lachlan Graham (14BaB) – 9:20
Ben Hamilton (GG’s) – 9:47
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