Senior & 18s Team Challenge – Week 2

As week 2 dawned the boys were greeted with their new set of challenges and the pace had changed slightly from week 1. This week we were looking for the team that could travel the furthest by walking, running, cycling, swimming or by any other means so long as it wasn’t motorised. We also asked the teams to sign up to #doddieAID and to start banging in the miles for Team Glasgow and the boys responded with the majority of the kms walked this week going into the #doddieAID pot.

Once again 14 boys and a buftie absolutely smashed this week taking the most miles covered, the top 3 individual prizes & the 2nd and 3rd placed front row prizes. Benson & the Chunky Bunch came 2nd with Ardrossan Secret Service and the GGs bringing up 3rd and 4th this week.

After an accounting error last week Benson and the Chunky Bunch & Ardrossan Secret Service swaped places before any points were dished out resulting in the points totals so far being:


Distances Covered

  • 14 boys and a Buftie – 780.96 Km
  • Ardrossan Secret Service – 709.48 Km
  • Benson and the Chunky Bunch – 684.71 Km
  • GG’s – 413.48 Km

Individual Leaderboard

  • Nathan Griffiths (14BaB) – 137 Km
  • Euan Thomson (14BaB) – 108 Km
  • Adam McCabe (14BaB) – 107 Km
  • Nathan Welsh (ASS) – 106.8 Km
  • James Reid (BatCB) – 105.1 Km

Front Row Leaderboard

  • Scott Campbell (BatCB) – 101.6 Km
  • Lachlan Graham (14BaB) – 60.6 Km
  • Cameron Leibenguth (14BaB) – 57 Km
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